of 2 April 2012

I. Definitions

The notions used in the Conditions mean as following:

1. Client – a natural person, legal person or organizational unit which does not have legal entity, but is given legal capacity by certain regulations and makes an order in the Internet Store:

2. Civil Code – Act of 23 April 1964 r. (Journal of Law No. 16, item 93 with amendments);

3. Conditions – hereby Conditions of placing orders via Internet in the Internet Store ZeroWaste www.zerowasteshop.eu

4. Internet Store (Store) – internet website at www.patandrub.pl address, via which the Client may place Orders;

5. Goods – products presented in the Internet Store;
6. Sales contract – a contract for sales of Goods according to the Civil Code, concluded between  ECO INNOVATIONS Mielno 18c, 68-132 Przewóz, Poland NIP PL9282079772 REGON 081226468 . and a Client within the Internet Store.
7. Act on Special Consumer Sales of Goods – act of 27 July 2002 on special consumer sales of foods and on amendments in the Civil Code (Journal of Law No. 141, item 1176 with amendments);
8. Act on Rendering Electronic Services – act of 18 July 2002 on rendering electronic services (Journal of Law No. 144, item 1204 with amendments);
9. Order – the declaration of the Client’s will, directly aiming at the conclusion of Sales contract, especially specifying the type and amount of Goods.

II. General provisions

2.1. Hereby Conditions specify the rules of using the Internet Store with Internet address www.zerowasteshop.eu.

2.2. Hereby Conditions are made according to the Art. 8 of the Act on electronic services.

2.3. Internet Store www.zerowasteshop.eu is led by  ECO INNOVATIONS Mielno 18c, 68-132 Przewóz, Poland NIP PL9282079772 REGON 081226468  registered in the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register led by District Court, Department No. XIV Department of the National Court Register of Entrepreneurship, KRS 0000 199402


 ECO INNOVATIONS Mielno 18c, 68-132 Przewóz, Poland NIP PL9282079772 REGON 081226468

2.4. Hereby Conditions specify in particular:

a) the rules of registration and disposition of the account in the Internet Store;

b) rules and conditions of placing Orders within and Internet Store;

c) rules of entering Sales Contract using the service rendered by the Internet Store.

2.5. Using the Internet Store is possible if Client’s ICT system fulfills following technical requirements:

a) Internet Explorer version MSIE 8.x or newer,

b) Firefox 7.x or newer,

c) Chrome 15.x,

c) minimal resolution of the screen 1024 x 768 pixels.

2.6. In order to use the Internet Store the client should get the Access to the computer workstation or terminal device which has the Internet Access.

2.7. According to the current provisions of law  ECO INNOVATIONS Mielno 18c, 68-132 Przewóz, Poland NIP PL9282079772 REGON 081226468 limits the possibility to render services via Internet Store to individuals aged 18 or older. On which potential Clients will be informed.

2.8. Clients may obtain the access to the hereby Conditions at any time via link on the main site of www.zerowasteshop.eu and download it, as well as print it.

2.9. Information about the Goods, given on the sites of the Internet Store, especially its descriptions, technical and disposition parameters and prices are a invitation to the Sales contract according to the art. 71 of the Civil Code.  

2.10. Information on the price given on the www.zerowasteshop.eu site is binding from the moment the Client receives an e-mail containing the definitive confirmation of all substantial elements of the reservation or Order, until the end of the reservation or Order. The price will not change regardless of the price change in the Store, which may appear according to particular Goods after the moment the Client receives an e-mail mentioned above.


III. Terms of use of the Internet Store

3.1. In order to use the Internet Store you have to register.

3.2. Registration is fulfilled by filling and accepting the registration form of the Store.

3.3. In order to register you have to sign the Conditions and fill in any necessary personal data.

3.4. ECO INNOVATIONS. may deprive the Client of the right to use the Internet Store as well as limit his access to the whole Store or it’s part with immediate effect if the Client violates the Conditions, especially if the Client:  

a) during the registration in the Internet Store has given incorrect, inaccurate or outdated personal data, which misleds or violates the rights of third parties,

b) via the Internet Store has violated the property of third party, especially other Clients of the Internet Store,

c) will undertake other actions which will be considered   ECO INNOVATIONS as inconsistent with the existing law or general rules of using the Internet or detrimental to the good name of ECO INNOVATIONS.  

3.5. A person, who will be devoided of the right to use the Internet Store cannot make the next registration without the prior consent of ECO INNOVTIONS.

3.6. In order to grant the safety of transmission of communicates and data in reference to the services rendered by the website, the Store undertakes technical and organizational measures appropriate to the degree of violation of the safety of rendered services, especially those measures which prevent from the acquisition and modification by non-authorized persons personal data sent via Internet.

3.7. The Client is particularly obliged to:

a) not to deliver or create the content prohibited by the provisions of law, such as the content which is promoting violence, violating the personal property or other property of third persons or slanderous,

b) using the Internet Store in a way that does not disturb its functioning, especially by using special software or device,

c) not to send or place on the Internet store unsolicited commercials (spam),

d) use the Internet Store in an inoffensive for other Clients and ECO INNOVATIONS way.

e) use all content placed in the Internet Store solely for the personal use,

f) use the Internet Store in a way that is compliant with the provisions of the law, binding on the territory of Polish Republic, hereby Conditions as well as general rules of using the Internet.

IV. The procedure of the Sales contract

4.1. In order to conclude the Sales Contract via the Internet Store a Client has to open the Internet site www.zerowasteshop.eu, choose the Good and proceed with the following technical activities led by the communicates shown to the Client and information available on the site.

4.2. The choice of the ordered Goods by the Client is made by adding it to the shopping basket.

4.3. During making an Order  until the moment the button „Pay” is pressed – Client has the possibility to modify the written data and the Goods. In order to do that, the Client has to follow communicates and information available on the site. Price is included product cost, packing cost. Price for shipping is adding to price of product and packing.

4.4. When the Client using the Internet Store fills all the necessary data, the summary of the made Order will be visible.

The summary will contain following information concerning:

a) the object of the contract,

b) the total price and price of each ordered unit, including the price of the delivery and all additional costs (if there are any),

c) selected method of payment,

d) selected way of delivery.

4.5. In order to send the Order it is necessary to accept the Conditions, provide personal data marked as necessary and press the button „Order”.

4.6. Sending by the Client the Order is the declaration of will to conclude the Sales Contract with  ECO INNOVATIONS Mielno 18c, 68-132 Przewóz, Poland NIP PL9282079772 REGON 081226468 ., in accordance with the Conditions.

4.7. After making an Order, Client receives an e-mail called: ZeroWasteShop / confirmation of making an order number xx, containing final confirmation of all significant elements of the Order.

4.8. The Contract is binding the moment the Client receives the aforegoing e-mail message.

4.9. The Sales Contract is concluded in the polish and english  and german language, according to hereby Conditions.

V. Delivery

5.1. The delivery of the Goods is limited to the territory of the Polish Republic, countries of the European Union and countries outsider the EU and is delivered to the address specified by the Client during making an order.

5.2. Delivery of the ordered Goods is fulfilled by the courier company or Poczta Polska, Deutsche Post and DHL. All possible delivery costs will be indicated during the process of making the Order.

5.3. The delivery from the internet store www.zerowasteshop.eu internet store is made by:

Deliveries to Poland:

  • Poczta Polska – estimated time: 3-4 working days

Overseas delivery:

  • Deutsche Post and DHL package delivery company to the EU countries – 4-7 working days
  • Economy delivery outside the EU - more than 5-7working days

5.4. The realisation of the internet orders is maximum 1-2 working days from the moment of making the order or from the moment the payment was received (if you pay by PayU, dotpay, Sofort, Transferuj, Paypal or bank transfer). To this estimated time, you should add the time of the delivery, which is given above.

5.5. The Orders can be placed 24h/day. Orders placed after 2 pm. and on Sundays and  holidays will be considered in the morning on the next working day.

5.6. The consolidation, protection, disclosure and confirmation to the Client the significant provisions of the Sales Contract is sent to the Client in the given e-mail address and also attached to the delivery with Goods. The documents are as follows: confirmation, specification of the Order, a bill of sale for natural persons and VAT invoice for companies.

VI. Additional customs and excise tax, or other tax of the country of destination

6.1. Goods bought in the Store send beyond the territory of European Union may be charged with additional customs and excise tax, or other tax of the country of destination. The prices of Goods and delivery costs do not contain those fees and taxes. Client is responsible for paying the foregoing costs. Its amount depends on the internal regulations of the country of destination. In order to receive thorough information on the foregoing fees and taxes please contact your local customs office in the country where the delivery is received.

6.2. The amount of foregoing fees and taxes depends on the real value of the Goods (without discounts), real value of the delivery transport (without discount) and the cost of the delivery insurance.

VII.  The process and methods of payment

7.1. The prices of the Goods are given in Polish Zloty and contain all components: including VAT (the rate is given), duty fee and all other components.

7.2. The Client can make a payment in various ways:

a) by a bank transfer for the bank account number: 

IBAN: PL80116022020000000265773641 SWIFT: BIGBPLPW

b) Sofort, PayU payment,dotpay, Paypal, transferuj
c) by a credit card via PayU system,Paypal, Sofort ,Transferuj, Dotpay

VIII. The right to withdraw from the agreement

8.1. A Client, who is a consumer according to the art. 221 of the Civil Code, is granted the right to withdraw from the agreement made at a distance, without giving the cause but making an adequate written statement in 5 days and sending it to Akademickie Inkubatory Przedsiębiorczości address, given in the hereby Conditions.

8.2. 5 day period counts from the day the Goods were delivered.

8.3. The right to withdraw from the agreement is not valid if the Goods were made especially for the Client’s order (which goes beyond the universal offer).

8.4. In case of withdrawal from the Contract made in distance, the Contract is considered not concluded. What was claimed should be returned in the intact state.  ECO INNOVATIONS. will return the amount paid for the Goods to the bank account given by the consumer in 5 days, and the consumer is obliged to return the Goods immediately, for the given address:

ECO INNOVATIONS, Mielno 18c, 68-132 Przewóz, Poland.

8.5. The Goods returned by the Client have be packed in an appropriate way, ensuring safety of the package during the transport.

8.6. The cost of the returning package and return is incurred by the Client.

IX. Claims for the Goods

9.1.  ECO INNOVATIONS the seller is responsible to the Client, who is a consumer according to the art. 221 of the Civil Code, for the non-compliance with the Sales Contract of the Goods bought by hereby consumer within the range specified by the Act on Special Consumer Sales of Goods.

9.2. Claims, resulting from the violation of the Client’s rights guaranteed by the law or based on hereby Conditions, should be sent to contact@zerowasteshop.eu . ECO INNOVATIONS. pledges to consider each claim in 14 days. It that will not be possible, the Client will be informed when the Claim will be considered.

X. Claims concerning rendering the services via electronic way

10.1.  ECO INNOVATIONS  undertakes all the necessary actions in order to ensure the correct functioning of the Store, in such range that results from the current technical knowledge and is obliged to correct within the reasonable period all the irregularities reported by the Clients.

10.2. The Client is obliged to inform  ECO INNOVATIONS. immediately about all irregularities or interruptions in functioning of the Internet Store.

10.3. All irregularities connected with the functioning of the Store may be reported by the Client in a written form to the address of the Internet Store  ECO INNOVATIONS  Mielno 18c, 68-132 Przewóz or via email contact@zerowasteshop.eu

10.4. In the Claim Form the Client should give his name, address, the type and date when the irregularity connected with the functioning of the Store occurred.

10.5. ECO INNOVATIONS pledges to consider each claim in 14 days. It that will not be possible, the Client will be informed when the Claim will be considered. 

XI. Final Provisions

11.1. The settlements of possible disputes which emerge between  ECO INNOVATIONS  and a Client, who is a consumer according to the Art. 221 of the Civil Code are subject to the competent court according to the applicable provisions of Code of Civil Procedure.

11.2. The settlements of possible disputes which emerge between  ECO INNOVATIONS and a Client, who is a consumer according to the Art. 221 of the Civil Code is subjected to the competent court considering the headquarters of ECO INNOVATIONS.

11.3. In cases that are not regulated by the hereby Conditions are applied the provisions of Civil Code, provisions of the Act of Electronic services and other applicable provisions of the Polish law.